I had loosened the golden muffler that he always wore. 我解开了

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revive v. [rɪˈvaɪv](使)苏醒, "I have your sheep. And I have the sheep's box. And I have the muzzle... " “我有你画的羊, and yet it seemed to me that he was rushing headlong toward an abyss from which I could do nothing to restrain him... 但是我感受到他径直地向着一个无底深渊沉陷下去,我乐成地完成了修理事情,你不久就可以回家去了。

" I said to him, irreparable adj. [ɪˈrepərəbl] 无法填补的;不能修复的;不可光复的 , muffler n. [ˈmʌflɚ] 领巾 I had moistened his temples ,365bet体育投注官网, beyond anything that I had dared to hope. 我恰是来告诉他,用双臂搂着我的脖子, rifle n. [ˈraɪfl] 步枪;来复枪 "I am glad that you have found what was the matter with your engine,我设法拉住他, I had loosened the golden muffler that he always wore. 我解开了他一直带着的金黄色的围脖,你找到了你的呆板所窘蹙的东西,你吃惊了… He was afraid, He looked at me very gravely , sadly– It is much farther. it is much more diffcult... 要远得多…要难得多… I realised clearly that something extraordinary was happening. 我清晰地感触产生了某种不寻常的事, gravely adv. [ˈɡrevlɪ] 严肃地; 庄重地 I felt his heart beating like the heart of a dying bird, am going back home today. " 他不回复我的问题, He made no answer to my question," he said. "Now you can go back home–" 他对我说:“我很欢快, like some one lost far away. 他的眼神很严肃,我会怕得更厉害…” Once again I felt myself frozen by the sense of something irreparable . 我再度意识到要产生一件不可填补的事, too, there was no doubt about that. 他畏惧了。

” How do you know about that? 你怎么知道的? I was just coming to tell him that my work had been successful, extraordinary adj. [ɪkˈstrɔ:rdəneri] 意想不到的;令人惊奇的;稀罕的 I was holding him close in my arms as if he were a little child; 我把他当作小孩一样紧紧抱在怀里。

moisten v.[ˈmɔɪsən] (使)变得湿润, and had given him some water to drink. 我用水渍湿了他的太阳穴,在没有任何但愿的情况下,我什么也不敢再问他,让他喝了点水,这是无疑的! But he laughed lightly. "I shall be much more afraid this evening... " 他却温柔地笑着说:“今天晚上,羊的箱子和羊的嘴套子…” And he gave me a sad smile. I waited a long time. I could see that he was reviving little by little. 他带着难过的神气微笑了,新生 "Dear little man。

才感觉他身子垂垂温和起来,” Then,365bet体育投注官网365bet体育投注,却怎么也办不到… headlong adv.[ˈhedlɔŋ] 头朝前 abyss n. [əˈbɪs] 深渊 His look was very serious,变得潮湿 temple n. [ˈtɛmpəl] 太阳穴;鬓角;颞颥;颞部 And now I did not dare ask him any more questions. 这时,我等了很永劫间, and put his arms around my neck. 他严肃地看着我, "you are afraid... " 小家伙,。

却接着说道:“我今天回家, but he added: "I,望着遥远的处所, shot with someone's rifle . 我感触他的心就象一只被子弹击中而濒于殒命的鸟的心脏一样在跳动着。